There should be a picture with every paragraph. A paragraph is often one sentence, but it might be 2 short sentences.

The picture is there to illustrate the words of the paragraph. It helps the reader understand the text.

Pictures should be clear and uncomplicated.

It is often best to cut away the background.


At Easy-Read-Online, we like to use photos.

We have found that people can understand photos better than cartoons.

Some people see cartoons as childish, whereas photos can more easily show that the document is aimed at adults.

We love using photos from Photosymbols.

But we also buy photos from commercial photo stock companies like Shutterstock.

We will search for, and acquire the best images for your document. 

We guarantee to find the most appropriate image for every paragraph in your document.


We often use Photoshop to make a image just right for your document.