19 April 2017

General Election Information Sheet

You have probably heard that there is going to be a general election on Thursday June 8th. We hope that people with learning disabilities take this opportunity to vote and have some influence on the next government.


The problem is that many people with learning disabilities are not registered to vote.

They may get turned away from the polling station if they don't register by Monday 22nd May.

We have created an Easy Read information sheet which explains how to get registered to vote.

You can download it now and help people with learning disabilities to make sure they are registered to vote.

Just click on these links...


The high resolution version is ideal ready for your office printer.

The low resolution version is ideal for use online and have been made accessible (to screen readers and other devices) by adding Document Descriptions, setting Tab Order Properties, Setting Reading Language (English),  adding Tags. adding alternative text to images which convey essential information. In this document this only applies to the logos at the top of the first page. All other images are purely decorative and do not need alternative text.