4 April 2019

New Easy Read consultations

NHS Improvement is developing a strategy to keep people safe in the NHS. It is asking for people's views in an interactive Easy Read document. 

It's important for people who have difficulty with reading and writing to be able to have a say about how the NGS keeps people safe.

People with low literacy ore often the most vulnerable. Their insights are most important.

We made this interactive questionnaire for NHS Improvement.

You can download this interactive questionnaire from https://engage.improvement.nhs.uk/policy-strategy-and-delivery-management/patient-safety-strategy/user_uploads/patient-safety-strategy-consultation-easy-read-interactive-v1.pdf

NHS England has asked Healthwatch to find out people's general experiences of health and social care services.

We created this questionnaire using a colourful graphic style.

You can download this Easy Read survey from: https://www.healthwatch.co.uk/report/2019-03-12/what-would-you-do-alternative-formats

HS2 have produced an Easy Read document asking what people think about their revised plans for part of the railway line between the West Midlands and Crewe.
Vulnerable people who have difficulty in reading are affected by large development projects - just like everyone else.
It is important that large infrastructure works are explained in an easy way, so that people have a chance to have their say.
You can download this document from https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/777372/hs2-equality-impact-easy-read.pdf